Commercial Clearances

If you require a shop clearance, warehouse clearance, office clearance, property clearance, Reward are the company to call to get the job done. We are experienced in commercial clearances of all kinds. Bookings can be made at your convenience.

Prime examples of a commercial clearance service operations:

- Purchased property can become a headache when the property needs stripping out to start again. We can remove house furniture such as kitchens, bathrooms, doors, built in wardrobes, fans, fireplaces and more.

-Shop clearances we see both ends of the spectrum on these services, either the owner being left in a mess with a shop of old stock, fridges, cookers and various display stands to an old uninhabited shop with old lighting and carpets with post all over the floor... 

-Warehouse unit clearance can be done at your convenience, if an unruly tenant has made a mess, do not hesitate to get in touch.