House Clearances

Getting a property cleared should never be a challenge, with Raward's team of trained house clearance experts we can have your property completely cleared in a matter of hours. We have tackled some of the most difficult and challenging scenario's from a variety of properties throughout Northamptonshire and beyond.


We can also have it ready to go back on the market by getting a team of cleaners in to bring it back to it's true value, offering a total "start to finish" solution.

Benefits of Employing Raward House Clearance Services

  • You don’t need to lift a finger

  • Our team will clear your house quicker and more effectively than you can on your own

  • You don’t need to hire a skip, we can do that if needed, we will take the items from the property and recycle, donate them to charity or re-sell with the value deducted from your cost.

  • It can be a traumatic time and we can make it a little less stress for you by looking after the experience for you.

  • If there is any personal items or documents that you would like us to keep, store and deliver to you, just make our assessor aware.

  • We will clear your property in the most viable, environmentally friendly method possible.

  • A very competitive pricing range with free quotations.


When and why would I need a House Clearance?

Most people will need a property cleared for different reasons at different times of their lives, the most common requirements for a property clearance are;

  • Bereavement

  • Change of Tenancy

  • Spouse has Vacated

  • Unreliable Tenants

  • Moving House

  • Spring Cleaning and De-cluttering

  • House Renovations and Extensions