Waste management assessment

Expertise in Waste Management Advice

Advice for All Stages of the Waste Cycle

Providing consultancy services across the entire waste and recycling sector, it goes without saying that Raward operates within the well understood waste hierarchy and has broad and deep capability across each area regardless of waste type. Moreover, Raward is also able to use leading knowledge to provide advice for all stages including new planning applications, environmental permits, waste reuse assessment and disposal. We routinely offer consultancy advice in the following areas, as either stand alone or combined services:

  • Waste arising surveys

  • Waste characterisation assessments

  • Waste minimisation audits

  • Waste management strategies

  • Materials re-use (including Materials Management Plans)

  • Environmental Permit preparation, variations, compliance and due diligence surveys

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Recycling/recovery systems

  • Legislation and regulation advice

  • Waste classification, including WAC testing and interpretation

  • Landfill design, permitting, monitoring and closure

  • Risk assessment

  • Energy from waste assessment / fuel characterisation

  • Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) characterisation, hazard assessment and classification


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